dimarts, 18 de desembre del 2012



Long time ago, a gambler cheated on an old gypsy woman with a game of chance. As revenge, the Gypsy cursed the gambler forever. How does the story end? Can the gambler remove the curse? Or, is it the old gypsy who wins in the end? This is a very ancient history. A legend ...
There are many versions of "The Gypsy Curse". We collect versions! We guarantee that this will be one of your favorites. We have mixed the best of all, and a little bit more. The story captivate everyone. For its impact on the public and handling, you always carry it in your wallet. Ideal to perform in those moments that people ask you to do a trick.

In the Italian version, the pictures of the cards are based on old historical Italian "tarots" cards.

Bonus: Includes two additional cards to make three different ends to this trick. Amaze your audience again and again.

You'll find ideas of Eduard Marlo, Peter Kane, Jim Temple, Alex Elmsley, Paul Wilson and many more. It's a winner trick.

Magician and more